A cat door, not a cat flap.

A cat door, not a cat flap.
100% automated, highly insulated & safe!

It opens and closes automatically only for your darling, thanks to modern RFID technology.

petWALK can be installed anywhere: in walls, doors and even glazing.

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Get to know the market leader for pet doors in less than one minute. Our customers and their four legged companions show you, how it works.

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Cat door instead of cat flap!

The petWALK cat door is a high quality entrance solution for your cat. It opens and closes electronically for your cat, thanks to modern RFID technology.

Easy installation everywhere!

The petWALK cat door can be installed anywhere: doors, glass or walls. In contrast to a conventional cat flap it is lockable and as safe as a high quality house door.

For small and large cats.

petWALK comes in two sizes and is the secure cat door solition for large cats: the door is lockable and also equipped with a built in alarm system.

Now what?

petWALK doors are not just simply improved cat flaps or dog flaps, but high tech products which set completely new standards for pet doors and patio doors. The petWALK door module is the heart of your personal pet door solution. It combines the excellent thermal qualities of a high performance window with the burglary resistance of a security door and the convenience of an automatic door opener, which recognizes your animals and only opens for them.

Currently there are two sizes available, fitting almost all cats and dogs. With a passage dimensions of 200mm width and 300mm height, the size "medium" is already twice as large as conventional cat flaps. It fits both big cats and smaller dogs and allows them to easily walk through the door without squeezing. For larger dogs, we developed the model "large" with 300mm width and 500mm height. Thus, the doghouse in the garden can finally be history.


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The absolute best pet door. Period. I'd never part from it anymore. Our dogs are as amazed as we are. considering everything, a perfectly sound investment.

- Gabi L.

Great product and easy to recommend. Since 2015 we have such a door for our cats. Very reliable product, a perfect fit for our low-energy home!

- Rita H.

A surefire hit and full score for this development! Our door is in use around the clock, for more than half a year already and brings joy to us, as well as our furry felines. A maximum in freedom and comfort and totally worth the investment.

- Claudia O.

Great door, the best thing that could happen to our cat. Already more than half a year in use and everything works just fine. Great quality!

- Mike H.


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