• Can I test the petWALK door first?

    Experience petWALK first hand! You have the option to test the petWALK pet door with your cat or dog within 30 days before permanently installing it. We will explain how.
  • RFID chips – function and differences between collar tags and implanted microchips

    We are often being asked how chip recognition works with the petWALK pet door. This article will help to clarify the most frequently asked questions.
  • How long do I need to wait for the delivery of my petWALK pet door?

    Have you already made the choice to get your pets a petWALK pet door and are now wondering about the delivery process? We gathered all the necessary information for you on a single page.
  • Necessary accessories for a petWALK installation in glass, wall or door

    Nice to have you here! We are glad that you are already thinking about installing the petWALK pet door. Many of our customers call us to clarify the necessary accessories for their individual installation situation before ordering. Of course, you can continue doing that! We are happy to help.

    To give you a good overview of the necessary accessories, we have summarized the products you should or could order depending on the installation site.

  • Wall mounting is easier than you may think!

    You are planning to mount your petWALK door to a wall but still worry about breaking through the masonry? We explain how simple it is:
  • petWALK doors (not only for) pets

    The petWALK pet door not only eases the life of pets and pet owners, but will now turn into an extra helper for any busy house owner.
  • Extend your petWALK with external devices!

    At CES 2018, petWALK presents the world's first fully connected high end pet door, which can be controlled from anywhere via remote, mobile devices, web browsers or smart home devices.
  • Alexa, ask petWALK to open the door!

    petWALK is the first premium pet door which can be controlled not only via remote, mobile device, any web browser or smart home system, but also via personal voice assistants like Amazon´s EchoTM or Google HomeTM.
  • petWALK @ CES 2018

    At the wordwide biggest fair for customer electronics in Las Vegas petWALK presents a new stage of evolution!
  • Black Free-Days

    Never heard about Black Free-Days? ...well now you have! Use the code "blackfreedays" to save on shipping costs in Europe.

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