• Why is the petWALK pet door more expensive than other pet flaps?

    A petWALK pet door can hardly be compared to conventional pet entry solutions.

    It is a fully-fledged entry door with built-door openers and electronic lock. It combines the excellent thermal insulation properties of passive house windows with burglar resistance of expensive apartment doors, with the convenience of automatic door openers, with an extremely powerful RFID lock and with quality materials, at a total cost, which must not be compared to the price of a conventional animal flap.

    petWALK pet doors are exclusively manufactured in the EU and due to its high-quality components, they are designed for decades of operation.

  • Why should I choose a petWALK pet door?

    The petWALK pet door is the world's first passive house suitable pet door. Since it is heat insulating, airtight and burglar proof, it is a must - not only for passive house owners. It raises the comfort level of humans and animals in any installation situation. So the living with your four-legged friends becomes more comfortable, safer, more pleasant and nicer for many years. Because of its good insulation it helps you to save heating costs. Besides, our products contribute thereby actively to environmental protection.
  • Is the petWALK pet door really airtight?

    Yes, the petWALK pet door is the only product available on market, which is completely airtight.

    The airtightness is expressed in terms of the leakage airflow rate through an element at a given reference pressure. At 50 Pascal, it is called the air change rate at 50 Pa and usually noted n50.

    The air permeability is tested according to testing standard for windows, doors EN 12207 - 1999-11. The highest class is 4 which requires that the leakage airflow has to stay below 0,75m³ (Q100 = 0,75 m³ / hm).

    petWALK has even at a pressure of 600 Pa (the highest possible pressure of the test fence) a non mensurable leakage airflow (Q600 = 0.0 m³ / hm).

    Two circulating quality silicone seals from a well-known brand manufacturer were used, which are normally used for high quality passive house windows. These seals are extremely temperature resistant and very durable. If ever necessary to replace them, this is easily done by anyone.

    Here you'll find more detailed information e.g. certificates or test protocols.

  • Are petWALK doors suitable for all pets?

    Thanks to the construction method petWALK doors are generally suitable for animals of any size. The model "Medium" is suitable for all breeds of cats and small dogs, the model of "Large" for dogs with a shoulder width of up to 30cm and shoulder height of 60cm. A XL model for very large dogs is planned.
  • What material are petWALK doors made of?

    petWALK pet doors are primarily made of polyurethane integral skin foam (PU for short). Polyurethanes present no health risk and therefore can be found almost everywhere: in the chair on which you sit, in the bed where you sleep, in the house in which you live and even in your car.

    p> Developing petWALK we have deliberately chosen this high-quality material, as it combines excellent durability and stability with exceptional thermal insulation properties and relatively low weight.

  • Is it hard to train my pet to use the petWALK door?

    No, because there is nothing to learn! Other than with conventional flaps, where animals have to push open doors and squeeze through narrow openings, petWALK doors open automatically and completely contact free and wait patiently until your pets went through. Just as you would open the door yourself. petWALK is a 24/7 personal pet doorman.
  • How can I be sure that the petWALK door doesn't hurt anybody?

    We are aware of our responsibility and we have therefore built in several independent safety systems into our petWALK doors:
    • Movement control: using multiple motion sensors detect any living thing and allow door movement only when nobody is in the swing of the leaf.
    • Electronic squeeze control: Even a slight resistance when closing or opening the door brings the door immediately to stop and moves it a bit into the opposite direction.
    • Power limiter: The door drive enginegets only as much power as needed to close the door and never so much that it could hurt someone.
    • Slip clutch: the door drive is connected via a coupling to the door leaf, which automatically interrupts at a set resistance power transmission.
  • Can I operate petWALK doors on batteries only?

    Basically all petWALK doors can be operated with the built in accu pack, but for daily operation this is inappropriate. So the answer is: No! In petWALK doors the batteries make sure that that even in the event of a power outage your animals can still get home safely and the door stays always locked and burglar-proof.
  • How long will the backup batteries last?

    petWALK animal doors have an sophisticated battery management system, which keeps the accu pack fit and charged. Nevertheless accus run through an aging process and need to be replaced after a couple of years.The capacity of the backup battery is dimensioned that in the case of a power failure, for example by a thunderstorm, all your animals can still come home and the door is safely locked.
  • What happens during a power outage?

    The standard backup batteries keep petWALK doors operational during an power failure, e.g. caused by a thunderstorm. In this case the door enteres a special mode, where all your animals can get into the house, but no longer out and the door locks in an secure mode. At the same time you are visually and audibly notified thereof. So you can be sure that no pet has to stay out and your home stays safe.

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