• What happens if the power fails and there is no battery installed? Are all my settings gone?

    No, Petwalk stores all information in a nonvolatile memory that retains data even without power. The real time clock has an additional small battery (CR3230), which keeps it running even without external power for many years.
  • Is it dangerous if my pet chews the power cord of my petWALK door?

    No, because petWALK doors have an AC adapter that converts the 230 volt line voltage to safe 24 volts. So even if your pet would bite through the cable it would not be harmed.
  • Airtight sealing means warmth and lower heating costs

    Even well-insulated houses loose up to 60% of the heating energy due to leaks in the building envelope. A simple plastic flap is nothing than a big leak. The cold air entering through the gaps of the flap must be heated again and this increases the heating costs.

    In buildings with heat-recovery ventilation, like in modern modern passive houses, this increased heating load may not be compensated, which means that on cold winter days the desired room temperature can not be achieved.

    Pressure and temperature differences between indoor environment cause drafts flowing through the gaps of a conventional flap, which might even open through wind pressure. The penetrating cold air caused in addition to the energy loss also an uncomfortable feeling.

    petWALK exceeds with its double seals and a unique design even the strict requirements for passive house components and is tested and certified at the highest airtightness class. That way it guarantees that never again uncontrolled airflow through the animal entrance causes cold feet due.

    Here you'll find more information and in our download area you can find certificates and test logs.

  • How petWALK reduces outdoor noise

    Even if the surrounding components have a good sound absorption, gaps like in conventional cat flaps, can increase the noise level considerably.  It's similar having a window flipped opened.

    Through the use of insulating materials and the absolute airtight seal petWALK can reduce environmental noise significantly.

  • Building protection should not end at the pet door!

    Due to mounting locations close to entry doors and windows, especially in larger dimensions conventional animal flaps are a potential security risk. Even small size flaps are often used by criminals to reach into the inside and get hold of window and door locks or to reach keys. Larger size flaps act as a direct way through and burglars can easily crawl into the building.

    Insurance companies see housebreakings though pet flaps as gross negligence (lack of assurance) and therefore often deny settlement within the home insurance policy.

    petWALK doors automatically and effectively prevent burglary with market proven and tested burglar-proof fittings and lock like a high quality entrance doors. If desired, even with certified burglary resistance class 2 according to DIN EN 1627 standard.

    petWALK comes also with a built-in alarm system and can be easily connected to external alarm systems. That way, it behaves exactly like a secured window and your animals can use the door even when the alarm system is armed.

  • How RFID works

    The abbreviation RFID is based on the term "radio-frequency identification."

    RFID enables automatic identification and localization of objects and living things and thus substantially facilitates the collection of data.

    An RFID system consists of a transponder, which is located on or within the object which should be identified and carries the identifying code and a reader units for reading. RFID transponders can be as small as a grain of rice and implanted in animals.

    Coupling is done by the reader in generating short-range alternating magnetic fields  or high-frequency radio waves. This method allows not only to transmit data, but also to supply the transponder with energy. Only if long distances have to be achieved and the cost of the transponder is not very critical, active tags with own power supply are used.

    petWALK uses standardized long-wave frequencies, which are completely safe for pets and humans. The transponder (animal-chip) contains no battery, and is powered by the antenna of the door when the animal approaches.

  • What's the difference to conventional flaps

    PetWALK pet doors cannot be compared to other pet flaps. They are full-fledged entrance doors with built-openers and electronic lock. As a result, they are totally windproof, have good thermal insulation and are also totally safe. They can also flexibly be integrated with interchangeable decorations to your home. By using high quality materials, they are as durable as high-quality windows.

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