Does the position of the pet chip in your pet influence the detection reliability?

Yes, the location of the pet chip affects the reading quality. Veterinarians should normally place the chip under the skin on the left side of the neck. In this case the petWALK pet door has been optimized. In rare cases it may happen that the pet chip moves inside the pet’s body. Thus, a poor location of the pet chip can lead to a reduction in range. If your pet is not chipped, you can inform your vet, that the location high as possible on the neck is the best solution. Futhermore the chip should be inserted horizontally to the upright standing pet. If your pet has learned to appreciate its new freedom, your pet will find out very soon how the pet chip works. So we have trained a test dog specifically for reaching its left shoulder directly to the door to obtain the desired freedom. This is also one reason why we recommend to get settled first by using the trailer chip on its collar.