Door does no longer react on remote or on pet

In rare cases it can happen that the door stops responding. As with a computer, a restart will fix the problem in most cases.

The easiest way is to unplug the power supply from the wall socket and wait until the battery is discharged and the door has shut down and all lights are extinguished in the display. This might take a few hours. Then plug in the mains power on again. The door will function normally again.

The models "Super-Silent" and all doors manufactured after 1.1.2015 (serial number higher than xxx01Dxxxxxxxxxx), offer also some quicker ways:

If you own a "Large" model remove the inner cover of the door leaf. You will see a small slot on one upper corner of the door leaf and a locking bolt below it. On the model "Medium" you can access the bolts without removing the cover.

Now move the upper bolt by means of a medium-sized screwdriver gently but with pressure against the resistance of the motor. You will hear a slight noise from the engine while pushing the bolts. This is normal and will not harm the door.

As soon as you open the door panel slightly, it should trigger the burglary alarm. The display should show "A00" and an alarm sound can be heard. Hold the door leaf until you confirmed the error by pressing OK on the remote control. After that, the door should function normally again.

Here's a small video showing these steps:

If no alarm is triggered, you can remove the white battery connector with the red and black wires and unplug the power supply. When using an in-wall power supply you can switch off the fuse for a short time. Plug both in again.

Position des Reset Tasters

There's also a small reset button between the cover and the white battery connector in the area right above the white component, which protrudes slightly from the shroud. Here you could carefully press the reset button with a pen or similar. After a successful reboot the red circle appears in the display. After a rattling noise the pet door is initialized and ready for operation.