I have not ordered the alarm function. Can this be retrofit?

Of course, you can mount the connecting cable for a door contact and / or an alarm system at a later date by yourself. The appropriate commissioning is described in the User's Guide.

Here's a quick summary:

  1. If the petWALK pet door is installed in glazing or in a panel, the door has to be demounted. Regarding wall assembly the installation can be carried out even through the tunnel even when already mounted. Nevertheless it is much easier to be done by pet door demounted.
  2. After you have set the pet door to standby, separate it from electricity. Now remove, as shown below, the electronics cover by removing the 3 screws.
  3. Now plug the appropriate connection cable gently to the board until it sounds quietly Click (There is only one position).
  4. The blue arrow in this picture points to the alarm cable, the red arrow the door contact cable
  5. Now mount the electronics cover. Done!!