Is the petWALK pet door available in various sizes and colors?

The petWALK pet door is offered in 2 sizes: The model medium with a clearance of 20 x 30 cm is most suitable for all cats and small dogs with a shoulder height of up to 35 cm . The model large with a clearance of 30 x 50 cm is most suitable since February 2013, and is designed for dogs with a shoulder height from 55 cm up to 60 cm. Regarding the design of your petWALK pet door you almost completely have  plenty of scope both inside and outside. Our high quality acrylic designs are supplied in any RAL color, with different patterns, designed in part or completely by artists. Our acrylic designs are suitable on the inside and on the outside. We also offer high quality HPL Funder Exterior panels for the inside and the outside. Here you can choose from the whole Funder selection. You can incorporate your petWALK pet door almost hidden in your wall or proudly and confidently flaunt it proudly and confidently.