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  • What can be done if the nearest electrical outlet is farther away?

    Basically petWALK pet doors are supplied with a 1.8 meter cable. If your electrical outlet is further away, you can connect the AC adapter to any extension cord. But you can also use a much thinner 24V extension cable.
  • Can the petWALK pet door be installed in glass doors with double or triple glazing?

    PetWALK pet doors offer extremely high insulation values. Because of its slim design it is perfectly suitable for doors and windows with high-quality double-and triple glazing. However, please note that you should not cut a hole in a window by yourself, because then you would lose the insulating effect. We recommend a replacement of the corresponding glass.
  • Can I integrate the petWALK pet door into a steel door?

    Basically petWALK pet doors can also be integrated in metal doors. If you are planning to control the pet door with pet chips, the metal of the door can cause read range loss during chip detection.
  • Which front doors can be used for installing petWALK pet doors?

    PetWALK pet doors can be installed in almost any door type, since component strengths are supported by 2cm to 75cm. All you need is an opening in a suitable size and a power outlet within 1.8m distance from the door. When getting a new front door, we recommend to order your petWALK pet door you’re your door manufacturer. So it can be integrated almost invisible in the front door.
  • Can the petWALK pet door be installed in masonry or lightweight construction walls?

    PetWALK pet doors support the wall mounting with a wall thickness from 5cm to 75cm with an airtight tunnel. The tunnel elements can be ordered in a 10 cm grid as accessories. An accurate cutting of the tunnel elements is easily done by using normal DIY tools. The petWALK pet door is built in a way that you do not have to drill holes and dowels, because it is bolted to itself and spans the enclosing wall.
  • Is the petWALK pet door weather-resistant?

    PetWALK pet doors are made out of high quality plastic and are completely weatherproof. Like good windows they also have a drainage level which drains driving rain or condensation water outward.
  • What opening size shall be planned, so I can install a petWALK pet door easily?

    Please take installation dimensions from the technical data or from the installation manual.
  • Is the petWALK pet door available in various sizes and colors?

    The petWALK pet door is offered in 2 sizes: The model medium with a clearance of 20 x 30 cm is most suitable for all cats and small dogs with a shoulder height of up to 35 cm . The model large with a clearance of 30 x 50 cm is most suitable since February 2013, and is designed for dogs with a shoulder height from 55 cm up to 60 cm. Regarding the design of your petWALK pet door you almost completely have  plenty of scope both inside and outside. Our high quality acrylic designs are supplied in any RAL color, with different patterns, designed in part or completely by artists. Our acrylic designs are suitable on the inside and on the outside. We also offer high quality HPL Funder Exterior panels for the inside and the outside. Here you can choose from the whole Funder selection. You can incorporate your petWALK pet door almost hidden in your wall or proudly and confidently flaunt it proudly and confidently.
  • Why is the petWALK pet door more expensive than other pet flaps?

    A petWALK pet door can hardly be compared to conventional pet entry solutions.

    It is a fully-fledged entry door with built-door openers and electronic lock. It combines the excellent thermal insulation properties of passive house windows with burglar resistance of expensive apartment doors, with the convenience of automatic door openers, with an extremely powerful RFID lock and with quality materials, at a total cost, which must not be compared to the price of a conventional animal flap.

    petWALK pet doors are exclusively manufactured in the EU and due to its high-quality components, they are designed for decades of operation.

  • Bewegungsmelder reagiert nach dem Rücksetzen der Parameter nicht mehr

    Bei Tiertüren, die vor Oktober 2013 ausgeliefert wurden, kann es in bestimmten seltenen Fällen vorkommen, dass nach dem Rücksetzen der Parameter auf Auslieferzustand (siehe Bedienungsanleitung 9.9.1) oder nach dem Rücksetzen Ihrer Einstellungen (siehe Bedienungsanleitung 9.9.2) die Bewegungsmelder innen und außen nicht mehr funktionieren und somit die petWALK Tiertüre auf Bewegung nicht mehr reagiert.

    Dieses Fehlverhalten können Sie sehr leicht korrigieren, indem Sie die Tiertüre in den Betriebszustand Sleep bringen (Rote Taste auf der Fernbedienung drücken; das Betriebsmodussymbol leuchtet danach ROT),  und danach die Stromzufuhr unterbrechen (Stecker ziehen oder bei Verwendung eines Unterputznetzteiles die Sicherung abschalten).

    Nach einigen Augenblicken können Sie die Tiertüre wieder an die Stromversorgung anschließen und in Betrieb nehmen. Beide Bewegungsmelder werden wieder wie gewohnt reagieren.

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