The acrylic glass covers look scratched and green

petWALK - remove protective foil
  • I just received the acrylic glass covers for my petWALK door. Now I'm disappointed, because they look green and shabby! What to do now?
  • Acrylic glass covers have a sensitive surface. In order to protect them from being scratched during processing and delivery, they have a protective foil on both sides.
  • If you have received a delivery which visible scratches and a strange colored surface, it is likely the protective foil and not the acrylic glass.
  • For installation initially remove only the protective foil on the printed page before pressing it onto the adhesive pads.
  • Remove the protective film on the other (outer) side only when you have finished all the work.
  • Pull the film slowly and carefully starting from one corner. After removing the protective film can no longer be used, since it is destroyed. The protective foil can be disposed like other packaging films in the household waste.