What should be done if the locking bolts do not always open completely and are thus blocking the door?

It could be that position of the door leaf is not correct and it is inclined. This can happen when the wing of the upper hinge has come loose and out of the door leaf for example by a blow.

Our advice: check if the door leaf is properly positioned. You can check this easily by means of the gap distances on the outside of the door module. The gaps should all be about the same on all four sides and at the edge of the door leaf be parallel to the device. See little draft attached.

If the door hangs down, you can beat the hinge bolt of the upper hinge (green arrow) with door leaf slightly open from the bottom out of the hinge block and screw the hinge wing into the door leaf by 1/2 to 1 turn to the right (clockwise) . Then reintroduce the bolt from above and test it. If the door leaf is well positioned now and the door opens properly, punch in the bolt again easily from above.