Passive house

The world‘s first passive house compliant front door especially for pets.

Unlike a regular cat flap or dog flap, petWALK can also be installed in a passive house or low energy house.

Completely airtight

(n600 = 0,0 m3/hm)

Highly insulated
(up to 0,5 W/m2K)
100% waterproof
(better than E1050)

petWALK explained

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Insulated cat door / dog door

In contrast to a conventional cat flap / dog flap, petWALK is highly insulated and also suitable for passive houses.

Airtight & watertight

petWALK cat doors and dog doors are completely weatherproof. No matter how windy or rainy it gets.

Passive house compliant

petWALK are the only pet doors in the world that comply to the strict guidelines for passive houses. You not only save money, but also do your bit for the environment.

petWALK doors are not just simply improved cat flaps or dog flaps, but high-tech products which set completely new standards for pet doors / patio doors. The housing of petWALK doors is made of rigid polyurethane integral skin foam. This material combines low thermal conductivity (0.08 W / m * K acc. To DIN 53 432) with good mechanical and structural properties and durability.

Due to fact that the parts are manufactured in one piece, there is also no danger of leaking seam surfaces and minimal deformation during temperature fluctuations due to the homogeneous structure. The air-tightness is achieved with the aid of two wrap-around silicone seals. The tightness class 4 according to EN 12207 - 1999-11 (Q100 = 0.75 m³ / hm) is significantly exceeded with a value of Q600 0.0 m³ / hm .

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