petWALK - Delivery

Countries of delivery

Currently only people who have a residence in the European Union Orders can order over

People from other countries, we kindley ask to contact us via mail oder Mail oderContact form.

Delivery Time

The delivery time for in-stock items is normally
- within Austria: 1 week
- within Europe: 1-2 weeks
- outside Europe: 3-4 weeks

Shipping Method

Shipping is for letters weighing up to 2kg by Austrian Post, parcels over 2kg within Europe by General Logistics Systems Austria GmbH (GLS) and outside Europe by FEDEX.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs will be calculated based on the shipment weight and do not include any customs duties. Here is a statement of costs per country:

Country Weight (and above) Price
UK GLS <5,00 kg £ 13,20
UK GLS <10,00 kg £ 16,60
UK GLS <15,00 kg £ 18,40
UK GLS <20,00 kg £ 19,95
UK GLS <25,00 kg £ 22,10
UK GLS <30,00 kg £ 23,60
UK GLS <40,00 kg £ 47,00

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