Technical Data

Installation Manual
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User Guide
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Installation Details
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Thermal properties
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Overall dimensions42cm x 57cm x 9cm52cm x 77cm x 9cm
Mounting dimensions38cm x 53cm ±1cm48cm x 73cm ±1cm
Inner width20cm x 30cm30cm x 50cm
Component thicknesses
 Standard2cm - 10cm
 with optional Spacer ≤ 2cm
 with optional Tunnel10cm - 75cm
Thermal insulationEconomyPassive House
thermal transmittance0,811 W/(m²K)0,523 W/(m²K)
Air tightness according EN 12207 - 1999–11
Class 4
Driving rain resistance according to EN 12208 - 1999–11
RFID (Animal ID)
Implanted or external Transponders per ISO standards 11784 / 11785 FDX-B
Range with implanted transponders0-15cm
Range with collar tag transponders15-30cm
Burglary resistance
Through a contactless access control system Through a built-in alarm system
Through a contactless access control system By integrating into existing alarm systems
Through a contactless access control system By using WK2 certified hardware and high-strength materials
Climatic conditions
Inside0°C to +40°C
Outside-40°C to + 85°C
Power supply
Input voltage90-264V AC
Output voltage24V DC
Base load0,2A
Cable length1,8m
Accu Pack12V 0,8A
Clock backup batteryCR3220
Capacitive movement sensors
PIR movement sensors
Light sensor
Rain sensor (optional)
Reed contact
Secondary Reed contact (optional for door assably)
Output for external alarm systems
Serial interface