Detached house (Victoria, AU)

Hannah and Henry enjoying their new petWALK freedom
  • Location: Kitchen/Dining/Lounge & Laundry Room
  • Mounting Type: Wall- and Door-installation
  • Requirements: Flexible and safe usage
  • Customer Comment:

    "The intention was to have two pet doors at the rear of the house, one exiting through the laundry door to provide the pets with access to the garden during the day. The second door exiting from the Kitchen/Dining/Lounge area allows the pets onto the back deck without access to the garden. A barrier is installed to separate the rear deck in two areas, which will not doubt need refinement to ensure the cats cannot jump over it. This allows free use of the deck for both us and the pets without worrying whether they can escape at night, particularly the cats who can jump the fences.

    The house is built on a large 2200m2 block allowing plenty of room for our animals to roam and play and is near a lake and wetlands where our dogs will get plenty of walks.

    Hannah (white) 2 years 10 months and Henry (black and grey) 2 years enjoying their new ‘freedom’. They have lots of fun and we too."

    Wall mount installation of an petWALK door in Australia