Exquisite Country House (York, GB)

petWALK - Very Britsh Entrance petWALk door in York(GB) - Inside view Zita with the portrait of her ancestor
  • Location: Living Room
  • Mounting Type: Wallinstallation
  • Requirements: Airtightness
  • Customer Comment:

    Jimmy, a black and tan Jack Russell, Zita, a tiny toy dog and Alice, a mongrel and their friends are probably one of Britain’s happiest rescue dogs. They already had an electronic sliding door, which they didn't like and which was too small for Linda. As you see they immediately enjoyed their new tailor made petWALK door.

  • The befitting outside with the royal coat and the family crest printed on the door cover matches the aristocratic manor, while on the inside a cheerful picture seamlessly integrates the door into the existing photo gallery.