How to use your petWALK pet door


  • After connecting the door to the current (AC adapter plugged in or flush-mount power supply after switching on the current), the petWALK pet door is in Operating Mode.
  • All functions of the door system can be conveniently and easily controlled by a remote control. Each key has been assigned a single function.
  • The large unmistakable symbols on the keys correspond to the symbols on the display of the petWALK pet door.
  • The current operating state of the door is displayed on the screen in traffic light colours (e.g. „green“ meaning ON or PERMITTED, „red“ meaning NOT ALLOWED). Thus by a quick look at the display you get at any time an overview of the operating status.
  • This section will explain some basic rules and settings for a comfortable and safe operation.

Video - Startup

Video - door control with RFID

Quick Start Guide - Operation