Passive House (British Columbia, CA)

  • Location: Living Room
  • Mounting Type: Fully Integrated Wall-Installation
  • Requirements: Air Tightness and Insulation
  • Customer Comment:

    " In building our 'dream' home we knew that we needed a dog door - an automatic door would be nice for our dogs and for security. With not many options available to us we settled on a door that we thought we could camouflage subtly with the surrounding architecture.

    petWALK @ Passive House (British Columbia, CA)

    However....this door was just not effective in keeping the winter weather and storms out, as you can see in the picture below. Not good. The dog door is near our kitchen table so sitting by it in winter proved to be unpleasant.

    Conventional pet door - Ice in the inside

    Alas, a search for a dog door that was designed to keep the weather out. We came across the Petwalk door designed to meet Passive Home requirements. Thats more like it... a door that actually has some weatherstripping - not one but 3 levels to seal plus being insulated.

    I also loved the fact that we could 'hide' the door on the outside with our exterior cladding - looks seamless on the outside and good for security. The door is also very quiet in operation.

    We love it! and our dogs love it! No more snow inside. In fact when it is cold outside, and you put your hand on the door it does not feel cold nor can you feel any cold air escaping to inside - not like the other door. "