Prepare your petWALK door for winter!

While autumn is coming to an end, we prepare our homes, gardens and cars for winter. We are frequently asked which preventive maintainance can be done on the petWALK pet door before winter. In general, petWALK doors are carefree. They only have to be ckecked or adjusted when there is an urgent need.

An urgent need to make adjustments is e.g. when there is an error message on the display or an unwanted result in the hand-test.

petWALK door cat snow

Check the slip clutch with the hand-test

To carry out the hand-test, hold your hand into the open door to simulate a blocking object and close the door with the remote control. The door should touch the blocking object and open a few millimeters again immediately after that to be able to remove the object. The door will also recognize a malfunction of the slip clutch through advanced wear and tear itself and will display the error E03 on the display. Depending on the intensity of use, the slip clutch will need approximately one yearly revision or even less.

Following please find a manual on how to adjust the slip clutch as well as further information on how it works and what it does:


  • E03 - Door doe not close despite of running drive motor
  • Error cause:
  • E03 is displayed, if the door does not close within a given time period although the engine is running. The reason could be a loose slip clutch because of age-related wear and tear. This is not a restriction in normal operation.
  • The slip clutch serves as an additional safety device in operating process to prevent pinching even in case of an electronic defect. Over time, the slip clutch can get loose due to normal use. This is absolutely no security risk, since pressure on an obstacle in the door will even get lower. But the grinding of the slip clutch accelerates the process of attrition, which may cause the effect that the clutch begins to slip even in normal operation and at some point will no longer close. In this case, we recommend servicing the petWALK pet door. You will find further information on our website. In the chapter "Frequently Asked Questions" you can also find more information on setting the slip clutch and under what conditions you can do this.
  • Error handling:
  • When the door is still open, you have to remove the obstacle. When the door is closed again, you should check what could have prevented the pet door from closing to avoid this situation in the future. Afterwards you confirm the error message by pressing the OK button on your remote control. Thus, the error message disappears on the display.

    Use the following video as a manual to adjust the slip clutch or print the instructions.

Door makes rattle sounds and shows E01/E03

Should the petWALK door ever generate a rattle sound or show the error E01 during opening or E03 during closing, it is only a mechanical issue from beeing exposed to extreme changes in temperature, e.g. in spring or autumn. The extreme temperature changes can cause the metal to move and lead to a high contact pressure of the door leaf, which can hinder the bolts from closing smoothly.

The error messages can easily be corrected by adjusting the closing bolts. We advise on how to make the adjustments as follows:

Adjusting the contact pressure of the door leaf

  • Symptom:
  • During opening and closing of the bolts you can hear a distinct rattling sound. The door might not open at all and shows the error "E01" on the display.
  • Cause:
  • The contact pressure of the closing bolts might be too high.
  • Correction:
  • petWALK pet doors have adjustable locking bolts that allow you to customize the contact pressure. Download the manual or follow these instructions to correct the error:

    The contact pressure is ideal, if you can still press the closed and locked door leaf quite easily against the seals.

    lf the bolts are set too tightly, it may happen that the locking engine can no longer open or close the door leaf. You will notice that this is the case when the drive "rattles" or the door does not open and the message "EOl" appears on the display.

    You can adjust the pressure easily by turning the bolts eccentrically using a Torx wrench size 15. The door closes easier when the flattened side of the disc is facing inwards and harder when pointing outwards.