The petWALK spring collection 2017 just arrived!

petWALK Spring Collection

"Rose Quartz" and "Serenity" are our colors of spring.

They demonstrate the balance between the spring warmth of pink colour and the peace and serenity of the cool winter blues. The pastel shades of the year bring peace into your home and block the noise, the stress, the hectic pace out.

Serenity brings the quiet blue of the profundity of life to the surface and convinces with gentle harmony and at the same time acts as an exciting eye-catcher. Rose Quartz is like the warm sunset or the rosy cheeks after a long winter walk: Pink means life, joy and fun.

As motives we have chosen the spring sun that awakens the nature with its powerful rays, the first delicate green leaves on the trees and a happy little bird, which wakes us with his song to a new day.