Thermal properties

Basic characteristics

petWALK cozy warmth
  • The housing of petWALK doors is made of rigid polyurethane integral skin foam. This material combines low thermal conductivity (0.08 W / m * K acc. To DIN 53 432) with good mechanical and structural properties and durability. Due to fact that the parts are manufactured in one piece, there is also no danger of leaking seam surfaces and minimal deformation during temperature fluctuations due to the homogeneous structure.
  • Due to the material characteristics (open-cell foam) minimal air entrapment at the surface can not be excluded. This is not a quality defect!
  • All cavities are lined with polyurethane foam moldings, which have excellent thermal conductivity of just 0.028 W / K m. petWALK doors have a thermal conductivity [W / K] calculated of 0.29 W / K, resulting in a calculated heat transfer coefficient of 0.8 W / m²K for the entire component.
  • The air-tightness is achieved with the aid of two wrap-around silicone seals. The tightness class 4 according to EN 12207 - 1999-11 (Q100 = 0.75 m³ / hm) is significantly exceeded with a value of Q600 0.0 m³ / hm .
  • For all recommended installation types the minimum occurring surface temperature of the inner component boundary surfaces, according to ÖNorm B8110-2, with a temperature factor > 0.71 in all cases over the required limit, so condensation and thus with no risk of mold formation can be ruled out.

Increasing the thermal quality

  • Additional frame insulation
    If an improvement in the thermal insulation properties is required, an optional cover can be used for insulation of the outer frame. This solution is especially recommended for enclosing fitted and especially when used in glazing and door elements. Here, a frame insulation made out of PU rigid foam with a thickness of approximately 5 cm above is clipped on the frame, thus improving the thermal conductance [W / K] as calculated at 0.18 W / K. This results in a calculated heat transfer coefficient of 0.5 W / m²K.
  • Over insulation of the frame
    In the case of wall installation, the building insulation can be drawn over the outer frame of the door and a petWALK soffit are formed around the door leaf. Thus the insulation properties are greatly improved and the door seamlessly integrated into the building envelope without much additional effort
petWALK Frame Insulation